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The people in most of our films will always get the award for starring roles, but graphics will win the best supporting category. Use of graphics in our films is as varied as the films content itself, whether embellishing live action sequences, animating titles, data or key statistics and creative charts.

And sometimes that supporting role takes the limelight. Infographics films have increased in popularity as an effective way to get data intensive content over effectively, or simply to create a film that works without sound.

Our graphics operators and animators work creatively and effectively, understanding the need for short deadlines and flexibility of changes and amends as well as understanding the entire production process and working seamlessly with our edit team.

We understand that graphics, whether in films or live presentations, support the narrative and the speaker, they don’t steal their attention. Interpreting a message, phrase or idea is what we do best whether creating for the small screen or a monster 25 metre super wide one, we’ve done it and we’ve made it stunning.