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About Us


What is there to say about us? Well quite a lot really, but the chances are that you’re short on time and this bit (if we’re honest) really plays second fiddle to samples of our work and what others say about us.


If pressed, we’d say that we’re very well established (its true, we started in 1982); since then we’ve been producing engaging and exciting corporate media content, and have masses of industry experience (of course we have, we’re still going); we’re exceptionally professional and creative and always deliver (our ‘A-list’ clients agree); we’ve got an incredible resource and are geographically perfect for working throughout the UK (loads of camera kits, edit suites and graphics machines expertly operated by our team in the heart of the Midlands).

Lets leave it there for now, but if you want to know more, just give us a call or pop in for a cuppa.

Working with you:


It really is all about you. It has to be of course, without the support and repeated business of our clients we would just be an empty building.

So ensuring that each of our clients projects receives a creative solution, delivered on time and to budget is a given. This is really only possible by understanding what you do and how you do it, then finding a cost-effective way to deliver your ambition.

We’re very proud of our clients and shamelessly bask in the reflective glory of their achievements, - lets face it, that’s why client lists always appear on websites. Our clients do incredible things and are at the top of their game, by association they only work with other businesses that meet their standards and share their values. That’s why we’re proud.